Ivaldi Group brings together an international collaboration of companies to address the logistical difficulties of delivering replacement parts internationally to changing destinations. In the current state of the market, when a container ship arrives in port and requests a replacement part - sometimes as simple as a gasket or a pressure washer nozzle - the ship manager first attempts to source the part in their local warehouse, if they maintain one at the ship's location. If the part isn't available locally, the ship manager must locate the part - often in another country, and ship the part to the port where the container ship is located. In addition to sourcing and transport time and expense, this also exposes the ship to delays caused while importing the part through customs in the destination country. If the ship has moved on, this adds to the cost.

Ivaldi Group, Inc. is bringing together companies in California, Norway, and Mexico, to address this problem using a distributed model.

The resulting product is a micro-factory franchise that will allow franchisees to install Ivaldi micro factories in their local port, with access to the Ivaldi Group product catalogue of parts that can be made using advanced manufacturing techniques.

The micro factories are designed to be safe and affordable by linking together consumer grade 3D printers and 3D printing materials. By using 3D printers in series, franchisees will be able to produce short runs of varying parts in under 24 hours, thereby cutting down delivery time and uncertainty.