Micro-Factory Operator

  • Employment Details

    Starting pay rate:

    • For Operators based in Mexico: $12,000 - $15,000 MXN per month, see pay range considerations below. Pay is adjusted to reflect costs while working on location.
    • For Operators based in Norway compensation will be offered based on local rates.

    Hours per week: 35-40
    Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
    Travel: International, to Norway, California, Singapore, and other locations
    Benefits: Sick Leave, Paid Vacation

    Job Purpose

    The Microfactory Operator works on location at our international facilities in 2-3 month shifts performing all necessary duties of operating an independent microfactory. Training is provided by Ivaldi Group either on location or in our offices in California or Mexico.

    The Micro-factory operator must thrive in an independent environment where they will be responsible for operation and oversight of all aspects of production using 3D printers. Operation of a microfactory includes direct contact with customers, printer operation and maintenance, light post-processing of parts, packaging or parts, and occasional repair and upgrades to 3D printers. International travel required.

    Work Activities

    • Customer service
    • Operating printers and machines
    • Maintenance of printers and machines
    • Assembly of equipment and components
    • Use of manual tools for post-processing
    • Quality control
    • Machine troubleshooting and repair
    • Part troubleshooting
    • Monitoring productivity and efficiency of industrial operations
    • Provide technical guidance to other personnel
    • Recommend technical design or process changes to improve efficiency and performance
    • Test characteristics of materials or structures
    • Test performance of electrical and mechanical equipment
    • Test products for functionality and quality
    • Maintain a tidy and orderly work environment International travel

    Qualifications and skills

    • Fluent written and spoken English
    • Understanding of 3D printers
    • Ability to understand 3D drawings
    • 30 pound minimum lift capacity
    • Ability to travel to United States

    Knowledge Required

    • Computer Aided Design
    • Familiarity reading two dimensional drawings


    • Computers 3D printers and scanners
    • Paper and label printers
    • Hand tools
    • Measurement and calibration devices
    • Microsoft office Cloud based software¬†

    Pay Range Considerations

     We consider the following skills and qualifications when determining starting pay:

    • Educational and professional experience
    • Technical and mechanical abilities
    • Relevant foreign language skills
    • Previous experience building/installing an industrial fabrication shop
    • Prior experience in a customer-facing role
    • Previous experience with plastic materials development and testing
    • Previous experience with parts calibration and testing
    • Ability to conduct quantitative failure analyses of operational data
    • Ability to maintain, service, and repair mechanical equipment
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