Mechanical Engineer

  • Employment Information

    Starting pay rate: $65,000 - $90,000 per year, see pay range considerations
    Employee equity available
    Hours per week: 40
    Job Location: California East Bay

    • Health, Dental, Vision
    • Sick Leave
    • Vacation
    • Personal Leave

    Job Purpose

    To develop and evolve deployable in-port micro factory solutions for the Maritime industry. To build a prototype test factory. To document intellectual property in the form of patent and provisional patent applications.

    Work Activities

    • Develop technology platforms & processes for additive manufacturing
    • Test and evolve equipment and manufacturing solutions
    • Produce and evaluate quality and reliability analysis and testing
    • Manage day-to-day line operations of on-site hardware pilot-production and ongoing test line manufacturing 
    • Evaluate and select materials and production processes 
    • Design, modify, scale, and maintain manufacturing processes 
    • Implement repair procedure to debug, compile, and analyze technical issues 
    • Provide hands-on support of inspection, assembly, and troubleshooting during production 
    • Generate and review engineering and manufacturing documentation including drawings, schematics, BOMs, SOPs, FAIs, and TMs 
    • Proactively implement quality and productivity improvements (reduce COGS, increase efficiency, equipment acquisition) 
    • Maintaining high level of communications with cross-functional team, and partners
    • Working with an interdisciplinary team to define and write use cases, technical specifications and design verification test plans

    Qualifications and Skills

    • Demonstrated ability to quickly and proficiently translate business and end-user needs into the right technology solution
    • Broad exposure to embedded systems, mechanical, and electrical design and development practices
    • Experience working with desktop and/or industrial FDM, SLA and casting
    • Proficient in CAD including: experience with design for additive manufacturing and molds. 
    • Ability to resolve complex issues in creative, efficient, and effective ways
    • Able to provide the customer and company-wide perspective to detailed technical decisions
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Manual dexterity required to assemble and install equipment
    • Must be able to lift up to 50lb on occasion
    • BS degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing Engineering or related field

    Pay Range Considerations

    We consider the following skills when determining starting pay:

    • Experience level in working with desktop and/or industrial 3D printing using FDM and SLA
    • Experience with foundry and casting or CAD to design molds for casting
    • Knowledge of contact and non contact inspection systems
    • Familiarity with compliance & certification standards (CE, UL, TUV, ISO, etc.)
    • Strong understanding of material properties and techniques to evaluate their characteristics.
    • Working knowledge of lean manufacturing
    • Experience drafting/drawing/filing patent and provisional patent applications
    • Proven history of getting things done
    • Experience helping to lead project teams and mentoring junior members.
    • Demonstrated ability to quickly and proficiently translate business and end-user needs into the right technology solution
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