Ivaldi for Merchant Shipping

Ivaldi Group delivers resources on location to address the logistical difficulties of supplying replacement parts internationally to changing destinations.

Today when a merchant ship requires a replacement part - sometimes as simple as a gasket or a pressure washer nozzle - the ship’s manager first attempts to source the part in their local warehouse. If there is no local warehouse, or if the part isn't available locally, the ship manager must locate the part, often in another country, and rely on traditional logistics networks to get the part to merchant vessel. In addition to sourcing and transportation time and expense, this also exposes the ship to delays caused customs procedures in the destination country. If the ship has moved on, this adds to the cost and delays.

Ivaldi Group, Inc. brings together software, digital inventory, equipment and quality control methodology to eliminate delays and waste with fast turn-around on-location solutions.

Instead of storing physical inventory, Ivaldi Group offers an ever expanding online catalogue of quality approved replacement parts, from gaskets, to fittings. With an Ivaldi Micro-Factory on-site, you can turn any part around in 24 hours or less. Let Ivaldi Group worry about inventory, so you don’t have to.

Ivaldi: send files, not parts.