How fast can I get my parts?

If the digital version of your spare part is already in the Ivaldi Digital Warehouse, and you are ordering from one of our Local automated Manufacturing Centers (LMCs), you can expect your part to be available 24 hours to 48 hours after ordered.

What additive manufacturing technologies do you print with?

We are technology and brand agnostic. We use the most appropriate technologies for the parts you need. When deploying a local LMC, the minimum basic equipment installed are FDM and SLA 3D printers.

What is the Ivaldi Digital Warehouse?

The Ivaldi Digital Warehouse is our library of CAD files required for additive manufacturing. If you already have a CAD file for your spare part, please send it to us for automated manufacturing optimization. If you don’t have a digital version of your part yet, we will happily assist you in this process.

Are there any additive manufacturing limitations for my spare parts?

Not everything can, nor should be 3D printed. That’s why Ivaldi employs an in-house team of specially trained engineers and designers to conduct a comprehensive 3D printing feasibility assessment. As part of our Assessment service, our supply chain and additive manufacturing experts review and analyze your catalog of spare parts and current supply chain needs. The assessment includes a detailed analysis of your organization and estimate of potential economic impact of moving to on-demand manufacturing.

Do you certify my 3D printed spare parts?

Ivaldi Group ensures high-quality parts, with the highest standards in the 3D printing industry. We are collaborating with DNV GL to certify the Digital Warehouse library.

How can I access the Ivaldi Digital Warehouse?

The Ivaldi Digital Warehouse is part of our Part Replacement as a Service (PRaaS) solution. We are offering the service on a subscription-based model. Contact us today to assess your spare parts needs and determine your service level.

What is a Local Automated Manufacturing Center (LMC)?

Ivaldi LMCs are local microfactories that manufacture your spare parts on-demand and as you need them. These production centers are optimized for fast turnaround time and high-quality parts manufacturing.

What kind of parts can the LMC manufacture?

We produce a wide range of parts, from generic and OEM products to unobtainable parts. We use polymers and metal materials in our manufacturing.

Is an LMC a truly automated solution?

Each LMC requires a dedicated, trained, operational technician onsite to operate the equipment. Ivaldi Group is working on more automated solutions that should be deployed within a few months in our initial centers.

Where is Ivaldi Group located?

Ivaldi currently has offices in the United States, Mexico, with satellite offices in Norway and Singapore.

How much does the Ivaldi Group’s PRaaS solutions cost?

Because our customers need flexibility in their digital transformation, our PraaS solution are adapted and modeled to our customer’s needs, from first step assessment to final on-demand manufacturing of parts. Contact us for a dedicated quote.

Are Ivaldi Group’s services available outside of the maritime, offshore and construction industries?

Yes, contact us! We are happy to assist anyone with our unique supply chain and automated manufacturing services.

Why Ivaldi?

In Norse mythology, the Sons of Ivaldi are a group of dwarfs who fashion a number of useful magical artefacts, including Skidbladnir, the ship of Freyr, and Gungnir, the spear of Odin, as well as Sif’s golden hair. Given that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, we thought it fitting to highlight our Nordic roots as well as our quest to make science fiction science fact. That is also why our logo hides the Ehwaz [eh-was] rune: Like the horse, Ehwaz represents power, force, motion, drive. It can carry you wherever you desire – just be respectful of its raw energy, and keep your balance.

What are Ivaldi Group’s values?

Ivaldi Group is committed to providing high quality replacement plastic and metal parts. We are mindful of the timely importance of supplying parts to our customers to meet a schedule. Our commitment is to the accurate design and manufacturing of specified parts, and to timely and constructive communications with our customers and other relevant stakeholders as to the status of their part. We communicate with the Scandinavian concept of “Hygge” in mind: The Nordic practice of creating intimacy, warmth, honesty and contentment in any given moment. We aim to produce parts that will function as desired and meet strength and other material properties as the customer has deemed important. All work is done in conformance with the Ivaldi Group QMS, the standard operating procedures and specific customer requirements. We will continue to improve our processes and to evolve employee resources and training to persistently meet and surpass the anticipated requirements and needs of our customers.