Business Developer

  • Employment Information

    • Starting pay rate: $70,000.00 USD-$120,000.00 USD
    • Hours per week: 40
    • Job Location: Oslo, Norway 

    Job Purpose

    The Business Developer's job is to get to know our customers and company well enough to interface between the client, management, and product development teams in order to tailor Ivaldi Group products to our customer's needs and to communicate the advantages of Ivaldi Group products back to the customer.

    The Business Developer must be able to accurately express client needs within Ivaldi Group. To do this, it is expected that you will develop professional relationships externally with client representatives, and internally with management and product development teams. You should develop a working understanding of client operations and products and a thorough understanding of Ivaldi products, systems, and solutions. By cultivating knowledge and professional relationships you should be able to identify new business opportunities for our clients on an ongoing basis as well as ensuring that Ivaldi products under development continue to fit our customer's needs and expectations as they evolve. 

    The Business Developer will manage existing clients as well as generating new business. This will involve traveling to the clients' place of operations, pitching and demonstrating ivaldi products and learning from prospective clients about how Ivaldi maybe able to provide additional solutions with future product development.

    Ivaldi is an evolving startup, so you should expect to learn new systems and methods on an ongoing basis and to contribute meaningfully to their rollout. You will also be expected to sales create plans and reports.

     Work Activities

    • Maintain regular contact with client representatives for the purpose of exploring new product opportunities, or improvements to existing products for the purpose of growing existing accounts.
    • Take on new business development including business pitches on-boarding of new clients.
    • Write business plans for all current and opportunity tender business.
    • Update and maintain CRM systems, including the preparation of status reports
    • Meet regularly with product development and management teams to pitch new product ideas internally and maintain knowledge of product development plans and schedules as well as existing product availability
    • Travel domestically or internationally
    • Create and present sales reports
    • Update and maintain CRM systems
    • Other tasks as needed to accomplish company objectives

    Qualifications and Skills

    • People oriented, solution finding personality. If you have this, you take a keen interest in learning from others about how you can help them and enjoy following through. When you do follow through, others appreciate the help or solutions that you have provided.
    • Previous experience in Account Management or Territory Sales
    • Ability to build, maintain, and manage professional relationships over time
    • Highly self-motivated. If you have this, it means that you generate energy and interest in your work through the work itself. In this context, this may mean generating energy and interest in your work by collaborating with others internally or with the client to address their needs or solve a problem. You tend to view problems as opportunities for you to create a solution.
    • Professional listening skill. If you have this it means that when clients speak to you, you listen carefully and thoroughly to what they're saying and pay close attention to finding opportunities in what they say, regardless of whether the client is aware of the opportunities that they're communicating.
    • Ivaldi products and solutions are strongly related to technology, equipment, and production. Our primary markets include the maritime industry. An authentic interest in learning and understanding more about these areas is required to be successful in the position of Key Account Manager.
    • We work in an open office. It is a job requirement to keep your workspace tidy and to contribute to the overall tidiness of the office. 
    • Ability to travel internationally

    Knowledge Required

    • Fluency in written and spoken English
    • Experience updating and maintaining CRM software


    •  Microsoft office suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
    • Willingness to learn new cloud-based systems and software
    • Flexibility to learn and contribute to the development of evolving project management strategies. 

    Pay Range Considerations

    We consider the following skills when determining starting pay:

    • Previous experience managing major regional or national accounts, or at head office level.
    • Previous experience with CRM systems 
    • Written and spoken fluency in target customer's language
    • Previous experience/ existing account network in the maritime industry
    • Previous experience/ existing account network in the offshore industry
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