3D Printing/Object Testing Technician

  • Employment Information

    Starting pay rate: $12,000 - $15,000 MXN per month, see pay range considerations below.
    Hours per week: 35-40
    Job Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


    • Sick Leave
    • Vacation
    • Personal Leave

    Job Purpose

    The 3D printing/ object testing position involves the daily operation of 3D printers using designs that are provided by others and then performing  initial testing of the parts that are produced. In addition to printing parts, this position also requires the maintenance, repair, and installation of 3D printers. International travel to the United States, Europe, Asia, and other locations as determined, may be required for this position.

    Work Activities

    • Assemble equipment or components.
    • Conduct quantitative failure analyses of operational data.
    • Document design or operational test results.
    • Maintain mechanical equipment.
    • Monitor the productivity or efficiency of industrial operations.
    • Provide technical guidance to other personnel.
    • Recommend technical design or process changes to improve efficiency, quality, or performance.
    • Test characteristics of materials or structures.
    • Test performance of electrical, electronic, or mechanical equipment.
    • Test products for functionality or quality. 

    Qualifications and Skills

    • Some College in Engineering and Technology / Mechanical / Industrial Design or related fields
    • Orderliness - Contribute to the order and tidiness of general and personal work areas.

    Knowledge Required

    • Fluent written and spoken English
    • Previous experience operating 3D printers
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Mechanical


    • Computer aided design CAD software
    • Electronic mail software
    • Office suite software
    • Cloud based computing

    Pay Range Considerations

    We consider the following skills when determining starting pay:

    • Previous experience building/installing an industrial fabrication shop
    • Previous experience with production and processing design
    • Previous experience using 3D printing technology in a work context
    • Previous experience creating designs for 3D printing
    • Technical expertise with 3D printers
    • Previous experience working directly with customers
    • Norwegian language ability
    • Previous experience with plastics materials development or testing
    • Previous experience with parts calibration and testing
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